Senior Citizen Program

At some point in their lives, our youngsters need assistance with simplifying & de-cluttering their lifestyle. Our goal is to help you purge, sell, donate, recycle & relocate items, making life stress-free. With our approach, you will re-develop a happier & healthier lifestyle by cleaning your environment and changing your life forever!

For senior citizens 65 years and older, there is a 5% discount on ANY project. We also provide special rates throughout the year, so please contact us at 313-520-6486 or for more information!

I Organize Closets

We will reduce the items in your closet. All items will have a designated place and we will find suitable containers to put your belongings in with labels.

Reward: Making much better use of your closet space, and you will find what you need quickly. Unwanted clothing and linens can be donated to charity. You'll get ready faster in the morning with your closet better organized!


I Organize Hobbies & Crafts

We will find suitable storage solutions for your supplies. Some may require special containers and storage spaces within the home. 

Reward: More time to work on your hobby or craft, without wasting time looking for your supplies especially when you need them. 


I Organize Options

We will work closely with you. We won't make you throw things out. We will help you sort through items and decide what to keep and discard. Let us help you make the right decisions.

Reward: Finding your things promptly. You can also save money because you won't repurchase things that you already have


I Organize Paper Management

We will set up accessible new filing systems or update the existing unit you may have. You will have a stress-proof procedure in place to handle incoming mail, paper or documents.

Reward: Reducing that junk mail!! You will avoid late fees due to not misplacing bills and paying them on time. Not only that, you will find your documents quickly.


I Organize Personal Assistance

This service is very important to us. Some of our "youth" can't get around like they used to and they realize their business still needs to be done. We will personally run these errands for you. We will address these services (first hand), and see to it that you don't need to worry about anything. Listed below are some of the assistance I can do for you:


  • Bill Payments (Online/ in person)

  • Grocery shopping    

  • Cleaners Pick-up / Drop-Off

  • Prescription Pick-up/ Drop-off

I Organize Retirement/ Relocation

We will review what the seniors have moved from their larger homes into their retirement home, or other assisted living facility. Sometimes, too much has been moved from the former home. We will sort through all the belongings and decide what stays or may need to go. 

Reward: Your new home is free from clutter and extra items can be stored safely. If you decide to get rid of more property, we will handle all the work for you (with given consent of course).


Other senior options:

  • I Organize Coaching: Training you to remain clutter free

  • I Organize Donations: Sorting, purging & packing items for charity

  • I Organize PC Files/ Emails: Managing files on any electronic/ email account

Let us make things easier for your lifestyle. We will help you get things done. YOU DESERVE THAT!

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